Farmer Duck / Tiger the zoo keeper

‘Tiger – the zoo keeper’ movie

This video is the product of one of our first Whole Class Language Learning Plans. The class had read a book called ‘Farmer Duck’. We focused on subject-verb-object-adverbial phrase sentences (modelled in the book), comprehension strategies and the purpose of narratives (to entertain, teach lessons, expose readers to a different context).

We linked the purpose of narratives to movies. We made a puppet show using the story line of the Farmer Duck but related it to the theme ‘the zoo’. We interviewed a zoo keeper using video conferencing equipment to build the field.

All the students had jobs when making the movie – sound┬árecordist (microphone), set designer (choosing scenes on the interactive whiteboard), director (saying action), puppeteers and narrators. We divided the students into groups: Orientation and Coda, Complication and Resolution. This ensured everyone had a role to play in the production.

Finally we set the classroom up as a cinema and invited students from other classes to watch the movie we had produced. The students made posters to put up around the school, we made pretend money, tickets and popcorn so children could practise the context specific language associated with dialgue at the cinema. Elements of the quality teaching framework were embedded into this Language Learning Plan – specifically from the Significance strand.

Here is some video footage of our cinema afternoon:

We hope you enjoyed our movie. Once we purchase better equipment our next aim will be to include music to set mood. Please leave comments as the children would love to read them.

Hello world

Hi everyone,

Welcome to Ms Bush’s edublog. I should start by stating that although I will be maintaining this blog, this is ultimately a blog for the students, teachers, parents and community members who I have the┬áprivilege to work alongside. Since we all work collaboratively together, we learn together and the support we provide each other makes our learning capacity stronger. I say ‘we’ because it is not just the students who learn in such an environment, all stakeholders benefit from joint collaboration – and when this kind of cooperation is done well, it is fantastic to see.

So please join us online, watch us grow and grow with us!

Image made available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic; License:

Image made available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic; License: