KH are learning about healthy choices

KH have been working on ways to keep healthy. We did an experiment on bread and how germs can make it go mouldy. We have talked about the importance of washing our hands, having a bath and cleaning our nails.

Below is our Photostory about cleaning our room.


6 thoughts on “KH are learning about healthy choices

  1. Hi im Hachems mum and Souads aunty , that was so cute 🙂 Great work Ms Bush 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Mona,

    Great to hear that you liked our photostory.

    So do Hachem and Souad clean up their room? I bet they do because they knew exactly what to do when they saw the messy clothes and toys.

    Have a good weekend.

    Ms Bush 🙂

  3. Hi Ms Bush

    I’ve watched this video lots of times and I still enjoy listening to the story.
    KH always keep the room tidy.
    I’m a lucky teacher!

  4. Hello Mrs Bush’s class!
    My name is Leanne Steed & my job takes me into many schools to work with technology. Your blog is amazing – thanks for sharing your learning with everyone. I think I’ll tell other kids & teachers about your blog – its really great to see how much you are learning!

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