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Hi everyone,

2CH have been busy reading a text called ‘Rainbow Bird’.

Firstly we discussed the setting, characters, targeted audience and the author’s opinions before looking at a summary of a text.

Next we highlighted the ‘content words’ in the summary. Students played a sorting game beforehand to work out the difference between ‘content words’ that contain the meaning of the sentence and ‘function words which help the sentence make sense.

After that we made notes on our interactive whiteboard together (joint construction). We colour coded the notes to show which ideas should go in the same paragraph and which ideas need a new paragraph.

Then students re-constructed the summary using the notes.

From here, students were arranged in groups and were asked to draw pictures representing each part in our text review. They learnt different art techniques with oil pastels:
– drawing the main characters and objects in the foreground using medium pressure on the crayon to make these things stand out.
– shading the background lightly so the foreground stands out.
– making the main characters and objects in the pictures big so that the viewer can see them clearly.
– thinking about the idea they want to draw and talking in their groups on the best way to represent that idea.

Finally we took photographs of the different pictures. We imported them into movie maker and used the ‘narration’ function to bring the pictures to life.

Below is a video of our text review of the Rainbow Bird.

We hope you enjoy the video and are persuaded to read the book.

Please leave comments about the students work. Questions are always a good idea because the students can think about them and create an answer, replying to your comment.

5 thoughts on “2CH review a text

  1. Hi 2CH
    I am so eager to read the book after listening to your review. I am going to show it to my class.
    2CH, I can see you all did a lot of work together. I love the art work too.
    I think it would be a great if a student from 2CH came to read the book to 2M!

  2. Dear Ms Bush,
    Thank you for recording us and putting us on your blog. We think the movie is beautiful. Thank you for teaching us all about the story and helping us with the drawings. It was fun drawing with you. The pictures are brilliant. We enjoyed learning about the book and hope we can do another story next term.
    We like it when you say “Quiet on set!”. We love being in movies!
    Love from 2CH

  3. Dear Ms Bush,

    It is a fantastic and excellent video.
    I almost can’t believe year 2 students did this. I know you have a great passion for your students. Well done. I am waiting for more movies.

  4. Dear 2CH,

    Fantastic review. I really enjoyed it. Especially your beautiful pictures. Can’t wait to read the book to my class.
    Mrs Scelzi

  5. Thank you for putting up such a wonderful video. 2CH and Ms Bush are too clever!

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