Fearless K-2 Blog Rap: Wordle

Our School Library is hosting a state-wide blog rap on the book:

Thompson, C. & Davis, S. (2009) Fearless, (ABC Books) HarperCollins, Sydney

So far we have been asked to describe our class by adding a comment to the introduction post.

You can see our comment at:


The second task was to create a wordle based on adjectives that describe the character’s personality. The main character is Fearless. Ms Hafda’s Kindergarten Class ranked 5 adjectives that describe Fearless. We repeated the adjective that was most like Fearless¬† five times in a word document. The second adjective was typed four times, the third three times, the fourth two times and the last adjective that was only typed once. We cut and paste this text into the wordle website:¬† http://www.wordle.net/create . This is the product

Wordle: Fearless Wordle

Next we will be making an online story based on Fearless using Mixbook http://www.mixbook.com/.

Stay tuned.